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A Case of Pride

 I’m home with “runners knee” and it has me taking a long hard look at my behavior. I stopped running 12 years ago in favor of sports that don’t include running on pavement, but when I heard that some of our staff were planning to run in the annual Whale Run and Walk along the beach near Living Light,  Dan and I decided to join them. Of course, we could have walked, since neither of us has been running for years. Or we could have chosen to run the 5K instead of the 10 K, but we decided to take the challenge and run the 10K (just over 6 miles) even though we only had a week to train. Crazy? Yeah, now that I look back on it – definitely foolish given the fact that I stopped running because my joints were starting to feel the jarring pavement. But, Dan and I both work out daily; we practice karate (I am a black belt three times over) and we often speed walk 8 miles on weekends in addition to our daily aerobic workouts. Still after our first 6K practice run, neither of us could walk downstairs without wincing! Then we went for a 7.5K run and my ankles started to hurt. That should have been a warning, but NO…I was determined to run that 10K and by god/goddess, I was going to do it (even though my knee was hurting when I got out of bed the morning of the race! )

 So. because I always look for the lessons life offers (especially the painful ones) I’m looking into it. Sure, I can push my body and run 10K (did I say I did it?) but in order to run it, I had to ignore my body. There goes the pact I made with my mind and body years ago when I promised to listen to warnings that I was going down the wrong (unhealthy) path. So, basically, I let my pride rule me instead of listening to my body. I didn’t want to pull out when I had told everyone my goal was to run the whole thing and not walk any of it, even though I have not done that for 12 years. I am going to be 65 this year and maybe that is part of it. I want to make sure I don’t act my age and admit there are things I can’t do anymore.

 Did I have fun? Yeah it was fun and I was proud I did it (there is that word again: PROUD) but was it worth it to ignore my body and push it beyond its limits? Was it worth it to give up my normal training routine, miss karate and miss my daily aerobic exercise due to a knee injury? Ask me once the pain is gone and I am working out again. It’s easy to say, “no it wasn’t worth it”, but once the pain is gone, the only memory will be that I trained for a 10K in a week and accomplished it. Foolish as it might have been, I guess my ego still rules because here I am writing about it! And fact is, there aren’t too many things I can’t do that I did when I was 30. Well, I won’t be competing in any karate tournaments, and I won’t be doing any ski racing, and 10K runs might be a thing of the past…but I feel great and maybe that’s why I didn’t doubt that I could run that 10K. And the truth is, other than the knee pain, I felt great after the race. So, yeah, I’m pretty PROUD that at 65 I can still run 10K. Who knows maybe I’ll do it again next year.

Making Life Delicious

 My name is Cherie and I love to share what I have learned on my journey through life.  I enjoy writing about the fullness of life; its lessons and its pleasures. Life has not always been easy for me;  like many of you, I have learned that it is through pain and suffering that we learn life’s lessons best. Life is fraught with challenges; some of them physically and emotionally painful, but that is what makes us strong and powerful. Life isn’t for wimps. I have packed a lot of living in my 65 years: I’ve traveled the world, had a variety of careers, been blessed to have worked with some amazing teachers, enjoyed the company of a few wonderful men and made lots of great friends. I have written several books,Cherie front kick earned three black belts in karate (currently working on a forth), was in a serious airplane crash that took years to heal from, made a million bucks then invested it a vision that people thought was nuts: the worlds first raw vegan culinary school, Living Light Culinary Institute.

Most people know me as the “Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine” because I started creating delicious raw vegan foods, that look and taste likes your favorite comfort foods, when no one though it was possible and have gone on to trained the majority of raw food chefs, teachers and authors in 50 different countries around the planet. My husband and I Living Light Centerown four eco-friendly businesses on the north coast of California, in addition to the school: Living Light Cafe, Living Light Marketplace, and the Living  Light Inn. We have 40 employees and have been honored with several business awards. I’m a popular speaker at events around the world on a variety of subjects from making your passion your career and preparing foods that nourish the body and nurture the soul, to learning to love yourself and create an extraordinary life. I have been a hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor, a hair designer and platform artist, a karate teacher and a photographer’s model. I’ve had breast implants (got those puppies out a long time ago), a tattoo (alas I still have that), and was brought up catholic (love the ceremony; hate the dogma). I have a passion for creating  gourmet raw vegan recipes and love teaching and sharing my years of culinary experience about raw culinary arts and nutrition. I eat a high raw diet, which keeps me young, energetic and healthy, but I am not 100% raw vegan 100% of the time (hate dogma, remember?)  I eat what I want and it’s usually raw vegan food (but not always).

I have a wonderful husband,Dan Ladermann, who is also my business partner. We enjoy playing on the beach with our two 2 doggies, dancing with hoola hoops, working together, traveling together, and just being together. We have a little place in Costa Rica, next door to my best friend of 35 years. It has a year round well and over a hundred fruit trees. One of our goals is to build a learning center there.

So, I have a lot to share about how to make the most of life even with its trial and tribulations; how to be grateful, even when life gives you lemons. And, if you are interested in food, you won’t be disappointed – it’s one of my favorite subjects and I don’t keep any secrets to myself.

In my blog I will offer my thoughts, my fears, my secrets to staying young longer and becoming more beautiful as you age. I will provide recipes and culinary tips, meditations and guidelines for creating mental magic, and share tips I’ve learned over the years that have helped me create a beautiful and meaningful life. For me, life is all about the mind/ body/ spirit connection.

They are all interconnected just like the systems of our physical body; each one does not function independent of the others and the health of one influences the health of the whole. Think of a chess game where all the pieces are moving at the same time and each move effects the others (try wrapping your mind around that!)  Sometime you will find me to be all nuts and bolts and other times I am way out there! Take what you are ready for and leave the rest.

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